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Secretarial Services

Tax and accounting advice for company structure and company registration
Experts in the field provide added pertinent advice as to what type of entity (individual/Trust/PTY LTD) is best suited for your start up and how your accounts should be structured to ensure tax optimisation.
CIPC Submissions and Reactivations
Companies are deregistered if the returns on CIPC are not done for 3 years more. In-house accountants reactivate CIPC membership through updating membership. We also sign off and submit your yearly returns to the CIPC on your behalf.
Public benefit Organisations (PBO’s): Ensuring full compliance with SARS and Section 18A
PBO actively registered at SARS? Organisations are will not qualify for tax exempt donations if:
  • Found to be non-compliant
  • Not approved by SARS under section 18A
  • Failed to submit annual financial statements
Subsequently, such organisations will be taxed on all income received and the company making said donation will not be able to claim tax back from SARS. We are able to backdate any outstanding returns, correctly prepare annual financial statements and make sure you are fully compliant with SARS. This includes applying for approval under Section 18A. Thereafter, we can prepare financial statements and submit on a yearly basis.